Cloth butt, cloth butt, who’s got a cloth butt?

We do cloth butts, and I have to say it’s addicting! I mean look at my baby’s butt…are those dinosaurs not the cutest or what? Mr. Elliot is looking stylish in his double stuffed pocket diaper. Now I know, you are probably thinking “double stuff”, are you ordering a deep dish pizza? No, I am not, (although I bet I could find a pizza patterned cloth diaper). Double stuff just means I take 2 microfiber pads and insert them into the pocket of the diaper shell, for extra absorbency.

Now if the adorable patterns aren’t selling you on going cloth, lets do a little math; ugh I know, but bare with me.

The average normal size package of pampers is $10. Now assuming your child has a normal functioning bladder, they are probably screaming for you to change them every couple of hours. Yes, I know parenting is exhausting. So that $10 package of diapers might last you the week if you are lucky. So now multiply that $10 by an average of 4 weeks per month, and you have $40 a month on diapers. Next multiply that by 12 months and you get roughly 480 a year for diapers. Now here is the catch, it’s common for kids to be in diapers even at three years old. So you could be looking at $480-$1440 just in diapers; that doesn’t even include wipes.

So for all you mamas looking to save a bit, listen up. On a decent cloth diaper stash where I’m washing every 2 days, I spent around $200. Amazon and consignment shops were my friend, but wait, there’s more. I first started cloth diapering with Penny, then we found out we were having another girl, and all the diapers I used for Penny, I was now able to use with Piper; double the fluff, double the savings.

So you can spend $200 on diapers that will last a few years/few kids, and then use that $200/a year in savings to go out for some wine dates with your girl friends. Better yet go buy some pizza and host wine parties at your home, because you know you’re too exhausted to actually venture out.

Now if I sold you on going cloth, I swear you will never go back. Here is a quick how to clean your cloth diapers.

Cloth Diaper Wash Routine

1. Dump all solid waste into the toilet.

2. Remove inserts from any pocket diapers and place inserts and shells into a wet bag (a water proof carrier).

3. Place all diapers and wet bag into washer and soak.

4. Next place the wash cycle on heavy soil, add the second rinse option

5. Add your sensitive detergent or better yet a natural no chemical detergent, and go sip on some wine while you wait.

6. For drying you can either sun dry (really good on stains), or toss in dryer

7. Prepare diapers and put back (or leave wherever, because who actually puts the clean clothes away??)

Thats it, that’s all you have to do. Cloth diapering is addicting, it’s better for the environment, saves on money, and looks hella cuter on that baby butt than a white disposable one.

Just remember though, it doesn’t matter if you cloth the butt, or pamper the butt. You are still a good mom no matter what. Either way you do it, it’s still going to be a HoTMESS life!


***If you have any cloth diaper questions, there are a lot of resources out there. Check out Facebook for a local cloth diaper page. Feel free to comment or email me with any questions you might have!


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