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May your Monday not suck

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Well it happened again, it’s Monday. Which in reality, really means nothing if your a mom. It’s just another day to wipe butts, clean the house, cook, work, drive kids around, pull your hair out, curse a little and, well you get the picture. I have found though, that if I start my Monday’s off on a high note, (no, the screeching of little children does not count as a high note), the rest of the week seems to go a little smoother.

There is something to be said about positivity. I like to be as positive as I can, and take whatever the day or week may throw at me. I mean, what does being negative ever do, besides put you in a pissy mood that just makes the rest of the week go horrible. Monday’s are the start of a new week, with new problems, we need to just let go of everything that irritated our souls last week, and start a new. Also, have you noticed that when you are having a really bad day, that the kids seem to siphon that negativity, and use it for their energy source? Seriously, they have gone all weekend non stop, and they still wake up with a shit ton of energy, and I’m sitting here looking like I haven’t slept for 6 years…..

I’m coming off a a really dull week. You know, one of those weeks where things went wrong, kids were cranky, you were exhausted, and nothing got done. So, basically that means that my house looks like a bomb went off, or that we’ve been wearing the same clothes for the past month. Yea, that’s how much laundry I have. Am I going to let that bring me down this Monday morning?? Nope! Instead, I’m going to sip on some iced coffee…’s pretty much life at this point, and I’m going to ignore the Monday mess and head over to a friends house, so we can make a mess there.

So try to think positive thoughts this Monday morning. I am thinking positively about nap time. I’m thinking positively as I drink my iced coffee, nurse the baby, and listen to “daddy finger” for the millionth time. I’m thinking positively as I contimplate just buying everyone new clothes, because it would be easier than having to wash and fold a laundry pile as big as Mt. Everest. I’m thinking positively as I count the days till school begins. I’m thinking positively as I blast some 80’s feel good music and start this day.

Think those positive thoughts and do what this particular quote says; do something you love. If you love drinking iced coffee while you ignore the sounds of whining children, then do it. If you love jamming to some Def Leopard on your way to work, then do it. If you love dancing in your underwear, listening to Whitney Houston as you contour your face, then girl, go do it. If you love sipping on some wine at 12 in the afternoon, then do it and enjoy it.

Most of all be grateful for what you have, and embrace your Hotmess Monday.

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