Wine and Dine Wednesday

Wine and Dine Wednesday (a Pinterest inspired meal)

Ever feel like you are rushing around making 6 different meals for dinner, and by the time you are done making meals for everyone else, yours is cold? Ever have those days where you really just need some husband wife time, but you have 4 feral children, so finding a sitter is damn near impossible? Is it just me? Please tell me it’s not just me?

Well I finally found an evening dinner that works for both scenarios; Chicken or Shrimp Alfredo, with the most amazing white wine Alfredo sauce. I’m talking about the kind of sauce that makes you speak in an Italian accent when you are cooking it. A meal filled with layers of flavor, that is authentic, and homey.

Again I can’t take complete credit, it was inspired by, you guessed it Pinterest. Have I mentioned I’m in love with Pinterest. This Pinterest inspired meal will feed the zoo animals that you call children. It’s perfect for a date night in; when you finally get those zoo animals to bed. You can also just make this recipe for yourself and enjoy with some much needed mommy time.

Cooking this Alfredo, while sipping on the wine used in the sauce, is one of the things my husband and I love to do together. Something about cooking with him that just makes me fall in love all over again-butterflies and all. So watch out, this meal will put you in a kissy kissy, smooch smoochy kind of mood.

Food is one of those universal things that can bring a group of strangers together. It can stop fights in an instant, and brings out the creative minds in ordinary people. So put on your apron, break out the wine glasses, cue the epic cooking music, and enjoy!

Chicken (or shrimp) dynamite Alfredo


-1 box of Penne noodles (kids are able to stab the noodles with less mess of twirling it on a fork.)

-A few good sized cloves of garlic.

-A small onion (whichever kind of onion you like will work)

– 1/3 cup white wine (Chardonnay). Plus a little more….ok a lot more

-1-2 breasts of fresh or frozen chicken

-2 tbs of butter and olive oil

-1/3 heaping cup of parmesan cheese

-2 cups of heavy whipping cream

-2 pots (1 for cooking noodles, one for everything else)


-wine glasses

It’s cooking time

1. If you haven’t thawed out chicken breasts, do so now. We have found that this particular brand we by at Aldis works amazing, but any kind of chicken will be fine. Just season it up to your liking. Also, this would be s good time to get the water boiling for the noodles.

2. While the chicken is thawing, pour yourself, and your cooking partner a glass of wine and break out the tunes.

3. In a cast iron or any kind of large rimmed pan, heat the olive oil up, and begin chopping the chicken into small bite sized pieces.

4. Cook the chicken till it is almost cooked through, but not completely. It will finish cooking later.

5. Take the chicken out, and melt the butter.

6. Dice up the onion and garlic.

7. Sauté onions until soft, then toss in garlic and stir around until fragrant (roughly 30 seconds or so.)

8. Next comes my favorite part. Pour in the wine, and let simmer till it reduces to 25% its original volume. While you wait is a good time to refill your glass and dance around the living room.

9. Once the wine has reduced, pour in the heavy cream.

10. Let the cream begin to bubble for a few minutes, before adding in the cheese. Stir around and place on low heat.

11. Place noodles and chicken back into the pan. Toss around so that everything is coated.

12. Let sit to help thicken up and let the chicken finish cooking. (This should only take a few minutes)

13. Serve warm with a little garnish of parsley (or other fancy food network language). Goes perfectly with a side salad, some garlic bread, and you guessed it….more wine!

If your family likes it as much as mine, there will be no leftovers for the next day. Don’t worry about that dizzy feeling, that is not from the dish, but is in fact from that wine consumption you had while making the dish. Ignore that feeling, once you have tasted this amazing meal, you will feel better and be ready for more.

Remember that cooking should be fun. So feel free to get your flirt on, embrace those hugs in the kitchen, or sneak a little kiss or two by the stovetop. Don’t worry about the kids seeing. These are the memories they will take with them as they grow up. Those sweet memories that taught them what love was all about!

So enjoy the wine, enjoy the meal, enjoy the family time, and more importantly, enjoy your HoTmEsS LIFE!

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  • Mommy Dearest

    I loved this when you made it for me in April. Too bad you were VERY pregnant and couldn’t have the wine! Love you

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