The Magical Powers of Yoga Pants and Iced Coffee

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Yoga pants and I have a special relationship. They aren’t just an article of clothing, they have magical powers. You see, yoga pants get me. They get that I’ve had 4 kids in a span of 6 years, and have a little extra love in the thighs and hips because of it. They get that my stomach is a little jiggly. They get that I am constantly on the go with the kids, and don’t have time for pants that I can’t breath in. They just slide on up, cling to all that love, and comfort me throughout the day.

Does anyone else slip on their yoga pants in the morning, put that messy bun on, pour some coffee, and tell yourself that you are bad ass mom and can conquer whatever may come today? Anyone? See, that’s part of the magical power that yoga pants provide; just extreme confidence to tackle a day with deranged children.

One of the magical powers of yoga pants are that you can wear them anywhere. Wanting to look like Sporty Spice? Just throw on your yoga pants, a sports bra and a fitted tank top and you are ready to work out…or run around after children.

Yoga pants get a really bad wrap. People think they should not be worn as pants. These people are evil, and are immune to the magical powers of yoga pants. For us moms these yoga pants, along with coffee, give us the magical strength hat we need to get us through the day without losing our shit. They are our lifeline, our encouragement, and our friends.

So break out those super stretchy, classic black, magical yoga pants. Pour yourself some hot coffee, or, better yet, treat yourself to a delicious iced coffee. Embrace the powers they give you, and go have yourself an amazing HoTmEsS of a day!!


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