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Coffee, Toast, and a Little Peace

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As moms, we often find ourselves stretched for time. I don’t know about you, but mornings and evenings are the worst. Seriously, these kids start the day acting like a flock of geese running all over the place, and they end the day like demonic beings who refuse to go to bed. In between all that is somewhat of a schedule, and that schedule includes meals for everyone to eat. Now I know, we all want to make Pinterest perfect meals, and I could take the time to prepare one, take some beautiful pictures and display it for you…but that’s not the case today.

Today I’m going to make something that I have truly mastered over the years. I’m talking about a meal to start your day off with on a right note, or the harmonizing notes of screaming little ones. Before I provide you with this amazing meal, let’s rewind a few hours to how my morning started.

This Wednesday started with waking up on the couch, holding my two month old baby, with my boob flopped in his face; nobody said breastfeeding was pretty. Why am I on the couch you ask? Well, because we bought a king size bed which obviously means more room for the kids to take over. It also has something to do with the baby being colicky at night, and his bouncer seat (the only thing he will sleep in), broke from older siblings constantly crawling on it. So when my alarm went off at 5, telling me to get up and get some yoga in, I simply laughed at it, switched boobs and went back to snooze land for approximately 27 more blissful minutes. At which time my alarm went off again, and this time I decided, for my sanity, I  to get up. I went into our room where my husband was sleeping peacefully with no child laying on top of him, and handed him the baby so I could get my yoga on.

I had planned on doing a nice hour of yoga. Instead I got a decent 30 minutes of morning yoga, which consisted of deep poses, combined with “mom I want crackers.” In the end, calories were burned, movement was done, and mild peace was had. Even my husband, who somehow has radar and always knows when I’m doing certain yoga poses (mainly, downward facing dog), enjoyed his time.

Now that yoga was done, my weekly shower was due(moms you know what I’m talking about). The baby needed to be nursed….AGAIN, and it was time to eat something more than crumbs off the kids’ plates.

You are now officially caught up to my morning thus far. You’ve waited this long to find out what my epic, mind blowing breakfast is.

Drum roll please……..

I present to you, a delicious and nutritious Wednesday morning breakfast. Consisting of sweet fruit, whole wheat, creamy butter, and a delicious drink to go with it. I give you….toast and coffee!

Doesn’t that just look like the perfect breakfast? It’s taken a long time, many burnt pieces of toast, and overly strong cups of coffee. It’s my go to breakfast, when I’m just needing a little bit of me time…or when the dishes are piled and I don’t feel like adding to the mess. In all seriousness though, there really is something about a simple recipe such as toast and a nice large cup of coffee that just puts you a peaceful mood; however short it might be.

I could really take the time to explain this glorious recipe to you, but I think it’s something you need to do on your own. Making toast is more than just a simple breakfast, it’s a path to find yourself…ok it’s totally just a simple breakfast, but you get the picture. So today I encourage you to start down the path of enlightenment, and make yourself the best toast and cup of coffee you have ever had!

From one Hotmess to another, cheers!

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