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Things that were probably invented by moms.

*This post contains affiliate links that I make a small profit from. All items are hotmess mom approved, and will help to make your mom/wife life easier.*

Did you ever wonder (when you actually get a moment to your self,) who invented certain things? Like the other day, I was sipping hot coffee, then all hell broke loose. I had the baby crying, the toddler had something sticky on her face, the six and four-year old were fighting, so naturally I had to put the coffee mug down and tend to the never-ending mom duties. By the time I was able to return to my hot coffee, it was no longer hot. I mean don’t get me wrong, I still drank it, and enjoyed that cold coffee, but it got me thinking: who invented iced coffee and why? As a mom and wife, I have a bunch of ideas for devices that would make being a mom and wife so much easier. That’s when I came up with the idea of a dedicated article to inventions or ideas that were probably thought of by a desperate mom/wife, and if they weren’t, well then there was probably a desperate wife/mom “encouraging” her husband to make it.

Here are my top inventions, that were probably thought up by a mom or wife.

Things that were probably thought up by a mom or wife!!!!

Iced Coffee: First up on our list is, naturally, iced Coffee. Iced coffee was probably created accidentally by a super busy mom. She probably woke up early, made herself a delightful cup of HOT coffee, only to be interrupted on her first sip by everyone in the house. The baby needed a change, the husband couldnt’ find his pants, the toddler had a marker, you get the picture. So she was forced to get up, put that lovely hot coffee down, and attend to everyone else. When she got back around to her coffee, it was no longer hot, but it wasn’t cold either. It was that gross temperature in between. So she grabbed a couple ice cubes from the ice box, threw them in her cup, and topped it off with more coffee. Low and behold she had created what many of us now pay $6.00 for. A decadent, tasty treat for a hard working mom.

Self Back Massager: A self back massager was clearly thought up by an aggravated wife who just wanted a simple back massage. She asked her lovely husband to rub her sore muscles, and of course he obliged, but it didn’t stop with a back massage. Next thing you know they are welcoming their fourth baby. So instead of making the mistake of asking for a back massage for the fifth time, this overworked wife and mother, created a device that can give her achy muscles the relief they want, without any funny business. Just a simple device with zero strings attached.

Wine: My second favorite drink had to been invented from a tired mom who needed something to help take the edge off. I can picture it now. On a long days work of dealing with spit up, sticky messes, constant bickering, and cooking, she just was looking for something to help giver her some peace of mind, and the only thing that she could find was some left-out grape juice. Who knows how many days it had been left out,  but it sure tasted good. After drinking the entire cup, she started feeling pretty good about her life. She realized that the grapes had somehow sat out long enough to receive magical powers that we have all learn to love in our glasses of wine.

TV/YouTube: Can you even imagine what life would be like as a mother living in a world with no tv? They were forced to actually play with their kids the same game of tic tac toe for the millionth time. You would have absolutely no down time in sight. There is something to be said about this technological era that we live in. Clearly TV as well as YouTube, was invented by a mom who had played one too many game of hopscotch, and answered one too many neve-ending questions. So, they invented a method that would keep their children occupied for hours, days even, and finally allow her that time she needed to clean…or to sip on some wine/coffee.

Tupperware: Back in the day every thing was glass, or fine china. That meant there were about 50 million ways a child and a husband were able to smash the dinnerware to itty bitty pieces. Eventually some poor mom and wife, got sick of all her fine dinner dishes being broken, that she said enough was enough. So, she invented dishes that we’re basically indestructible. You could microwave these bad boys, drop the, from a 50 foot building, or bang them on your brother/sister head and they still will not break. This mom has become one of my best friends, because without Tupperware, my destructive kids would be eating off the floor.


Velcro Shoes: Velcro shoes are a Godsend, and must have been invented by a mom. I can’t count you how many times a day I’ve had to tie a shoe. I could quadruple knot it, and that sucker would still become untied. Velcro shoes has cut our morning routine by at least two hours. This simple shoe idea, eliminates constant wining and screaming over an untied shoe. It saves mom the agony of breaking a damn nail from untying those quadruple knotted shoes. Velcro shoes help in a child’s independence and a moms moment of sanity.

Spring loaded coffee pots: There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to the smell of coffee grounds, and the sound of that drip drip drip into the coffee pot. Pouring that first morning coffee, and embracing that warm feeling, really helps to put you in a great mood. Did you know though, that moms used to have to wait till the coffee pot was full and done brewing. This could take several agonizing minutes, and let’s face it, when we want our coffee, we want it now. Spring loaded coffee makers, was clearly made by an amazing mom who just wanted her cup of coffee before her kids realized mom was having a moment to herself. Thanks to this ingenious invention, we can now start brewing, take the pot off and pour, then put the pot back and finish brewing.

Pacifier Friends: Pacifiers, just like socks and silly cups, somehow get pulled into a black hole, never to be seen from again. This always happens at the worst possible moment, like when the baby is screaming his head off while your stuck in traffic. These little things, end up undernieth them, thrown out the window, buried in the pile of crap in the car. It’s almost impossible to find once it’s missing. That is why some Harvard graduate mom put her degree to good use, and created an easier way to keep track of those pacifiers. She created an adorable animal, that attaches to the pacifier and makes it ten times easier to grab in a colicky jam.

Noise canceling headphones: Screaming, constant wining, hearing “Moooom” a million times a day. These sounds can easily take a toll on someone. Those are the exact thoughts that the inventor of noise canceling headphones had. These were obviously invented by a mom who had heard her name called one too many times that day. She had heard “honey where’s my…” too many times. She was overstimulated by noise, and covering her ears just wasn’t going to cut it. So, she created a contraption that allowed her to sip her coffee in peace no matter how loud and obnoxious her crew was being.

Yoga Pants: Having kids can do a number on a woman’s body. Finding something to wear that doesn’t make us feel like the philsburry dough boy, is next to impossible. That is why the inventor of yoga pants, must have had that after kid mom bod. Instead of struggling to squeeze into jeans she wouldn’t be able to breathe in. She was sick of spilling out of her clothes whenever she bent down to pick the baby up, so she created an article of clothing that moved with her. An article of clothing that actually went above the sunken belly button. No more mental prep work to get into pants. No more air constrictions. We are now able to chase after our kids, and not have to worry about our cloths. Better yet, less laundry, because yoga pants go with everything.

Life as a mom/wife is hard work, the hardest in fact. Next time you feel like you just aren’t making a contribution to society, think again. You might just have the next best mommy hack hidden inside you. So sit back and enjoy these wonderful contraptions that help to make our Hotmess lives a little easier. If you have a great mom or wife invention, don’t be shy, let the world in on it.

*Items that were probably invented by a struggling mom or wife*


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