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The Hotmess Family

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Being a hotmess mom with a hotmess family is hard work and exhausting. There is always something when it comes to me and my crew. There is always a child screaming, I can guarantee you that. There is going to be a pile of something: clothes, toys, dishes, dust, you name it, there will be a pile of it somewhere in my house. It is very loud…like bring noise canceling headphones if you ever visit me. With our schedule, there are so many things going on, you an place money on me forgetting something…or someone. Chances are I am wearing something that has baby spit up on it, and I’m masking the smell with baby wipes and overtly sweet body spray. My kids are just as messy FYI.

Being a hotmess means that when you unload your entire soccer team of a family to go to the gym, it takes 30 freaking minutes. It means waking up to yoga and a large cup of coffee, and ending the day with Netflix and a large glass of wine. If you are a hotmess mom, then chances are the F bomb might possibly be dropped throughout the day. It means forgetting: wait what was I saying? Most of all, it means embracing your mess, and not giving a hoot what anyone thinks.

With that said, lets meet the stars of Its a Hotmess Life!

Me:The Hotmess Mom

I am just that, a hotmess mom. I thrive on coffee and wine. I love yoga, hitting a boxing bag, and listening to some awesome 80s music. I am an early childhood/Special Education major (I didn’t think I had enough going on, so naturally going back to school was the best option). I am a huge advocate for autism. I love my kids fiercely, and my husband is my bff.

The Hotmess Dad

My poor husband was just a nerdy teenager when we started dating back in High School. The guy had no idea what he was getting into. He was just excited to have a cheerleader for a girlfriend, and I just thought he was cute. Fast forward and he is officially a hotmess just for putting up with me and our four kids. He is one of those talented people that you hate, because he is literally good at everything….except singing. He is my laugh when I’m feeling extra crazy, and life would be hella different and suck without him. He is a pun master, meme lover, beer drinker, bass guitar player by night, suit and tie by day.

The Hotmess Dino Lover

In 2011 we welcomed our first chid, a beautiful baby boy, with the bluest of eyes and sideburn hair like Elvis. I was so excited to be a mom, but fast forward six years, and I could not believe how much he has given me. This little boy (named from Tom Cruise characters) Ethan Maverick, has taught me so much in life. For instance: did you know that T-Rex is from the Cretaceous period, and is the cousin of the Albertosaurus? Ethan is an extreme Dino lover, he could tell you all you ever wanted to or didn’t want to know about dinosaurs. He is obsessed, like he wakes up thinking Dino’s, and goes to bed thinking Dino’s. He has Autism and ADHD, and is extremely smart…we’re talking future paleontologist or marine biologist. He loves to dance, and has some pretty awesome moves, watch out ladies.

The Hotmess Diva

We were loving being parents, but Ethan was getting passed that baby stage, and my ovaries were hurting for all of five seconds before we were pregnant with baby number two. In December of 2013, our first little girl was born, Pennelope Mae. I was so exited to have a daughter. I had all these pictures in my head of shopping, princess parties etc, I did not imagine how much of a diva this gorgeous girl would be. Seriously at four years old, this gorgeous blond hair, blue-eyed, all-legs girl, is already a 16 year-old. Full on eye rolls, tongue ticking, getting everyone to do everything for her. I call her my little Regina from Mean Girls. That said, she has a heart of gold, and is a full-on princess wild child. She keeps us on our toes, but in a good way.

The Hotmess Charmed One

Now I know what everyone is thinking. You have a beautiful boy and a beautiful girl, why go for more? Well, folks, did I mention I’m a hotmess? The same thing happened when Penny started growing out of the baby stage, my ovaries started hurting again and low and behold number three was on it’s way. We welcomed our third baby and second little girl in April of 2016. Why is she the hotmess charmed one you ask? Well, simply put, I am a huge Charmed fan, and I knew if I had another girl it would start with a P, so naturally Piper Melody was a perfect fit. True to her name, Pipes is truly charming. She has something about her that gets us stopped wherever we go. She, too, has autism, and a speech delay, so her siblings are super protective of her. Her favorite thing to do is play Dino’s with her bubba, roll in dirt outside, and dance around with her sister. She is truly special, and extra adorable.

The Final Hotmess Baby

Yes, I know! After the third baby, you literally become cray cray in the membrane when you have more. To be honest number four was truly a surprise. That being said, it ended up being the best surprise that we could have gotten. In April of 2018, we welcomed baby number four, and our second little boy. Elliot Charles is the perfect ending to our growing family. He is truly a mamas boy, and is attached to me at all hours of the day. He is slightly colicky, so that’s been fun. Other than that, he is loved by all his crazy siblings, and has no idea what he was born into. He is so little compared to the others, and is just so kissable. Like, seriously, I am constantly kissing and smelling him. I can’t wait to see what he grows into.

Well there you have it. We are many, and we are a hotmess family. There is so much crazy going on in this house, that it sometimes gets overwhelming. We are a fun-loving bunch, and I would much rather run after the kids than stand and do the endless dishes and laundry that never seem to end. To all my fellow hotmess moms who thrive on coffee and wine to get them through their chaotic schedules, hats off to you, and more importantly cheers!

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